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Worry Not

It is not uncommon that I find myself worried for the emotional or physical safety of a friend or a loved one. Whether I feel they are in a “bad” relationship, are “wasting their life”, or making decisions which I don’t feel exemplify their abilities, talent, and potential, watching someone I care about make “bad decisions” is never easy.

As I have alluded to in the past, I enjoy reading “Your Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers at times. Last night, I was reading an entry in which Chambers talks about “fretting” as a sign of spiritual immaturity and a lack of faith.

As I read it, I was frankly surprised at his words. Chambers mentioned that, most of the time, we feel as though we “fret” for others because we feel that we are wise and able to discern that what they are doing is, indeed, hurtful. “If only they knew how things will turn out if they keep going like this,” we might think, “they would indeed stop doing it.”

On the contrary, though. If we were wise, faith-filled Christians, we would know that life is not about making the right decisions, or being “safe” in our lives, or even glorifying Christ in all we do (yes, I said it). Life is living life as best we can, knowing full well that we will mess up big-time, and we will never attain the perfection or maturity which we might ernestly strive for.

As for fretting for others, the most faith-filled thing we can do is to trust that our loved ones will be okay, and that the Lord will protect them and us from ourselves.

As a mature Christian, I will trust my friends and loved ones to the Lord. I will allow Him to intervene in their lives. Instead of rebuking, correcting, or attempting to direct them, I will instead simply love and live life next to them, expecting they will do the same for me.