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Dreaming and Doing

I love to dream, and I love to do. And my best works come when I do what I dream.

Sometimes I dream without doing. That’s fun, and, sometimes it even serves me well. Undone dreams often lead to bigger and better undone dreams, and eventually one of these really big and best dreams gets done.

Sometimes I do without dreaming. Everyone can do this, though. When I do things devoid of a dream, they are boring and simple and usually not very fun.

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Making my MacBook + Windows 7 on Parallels Feel Zippy

A few months back, I replaced my wicked-fast Dell E6500 with a new MacBook Pro. It was a bit of an impulse move, but we were also down a laptop at the office, so I took the opportunity to get a new one for myself and then hand-me-down the Dell (although, it’s far from a hand-me-down machine – 8GB of RAM and a solid-state hard drive).

Anyway, when I moved to the Mac, I imaged my Dell’s hard drive and copied it to my MacBook to use as a virtual machine. It’s kinda funny to have a Windows virtual machine on my Mac with a bunch of Dell crapware installed on it.

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My Thoughts on Clear Internet (

Last month, I moved away from the place I’ve called home for the past decade. My new home is a small apartment behind the home of a family from church and my apartment doesn’t have its own postal address.

This causes a problem with Internet providers, it turns out. Since I don’t have my own address, the Internet providers can’t figure out what address to activate the Internet at, and so I’m a bit out of luck. Wire line DSL and cable Internet are both unavailable at the apartment.

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